1. Start Over

From the recording Start Over

Song written by Sonia Eidse and Rusty Matyas.
Produced by Rusty Matyas, mixed by Moonrise Music Club in Winnipeg Manitoba.
Mastered by Joao Carvalho.
Performed by:
Sonia Eidse: vocal and rhythmic guitar
Rusty Matyas: electric guitar, bass, keys and drums.


Here we are
In a room full of strangers
All the sounds
And the lights taking over

Looking for someone to talk to
Someone to tell my whole story to
In the right light
In this spot I think your different too

Let's start over

Pull me close
I don't want to remember
I want to know
What it's like to start over

Looking for someone to cling to
Someone to bury my whole body into
And I don't know why
But holding me tight it only feels right if it's you
Only feels right if it's you

Let's start over

Never believed those things
But we are meant to me
Never believed those things
Until you went out and hurt me

In a world full of strangers